All Pairs Shortest Paths With A Sublinear Additive Error

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All-Pairs Shortest Paths with a Sublinear Additive Error – All-Pairs Shortest Paths with a Sublinear. estimates the length of theshortest path between every pair of vertices u,vin the graph to within an additiveerror.

All-Pairs Shortest Paths with a Sublinear Additive Error 623 This problem turns out to be closely related to the problem of fast (that is, subcubic) matrix.

for finding all-pairs shortest paths in a V-node, E-. small additive constant of the shortest path length. All of our results. rected graph with an additive error of at most 2(k – 1), where 2 _< k <_. search with sublinear I/O. In Proc. lOth ESA.

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(2016) Dynamic Approximate All-Pairs Shortest Paths: Breaking the $O(mn)$ Barrier and. (2015) Fault tolerant additive and <mml:math altimg="si1.gif". ( 2013) Deterministic sublinear-time approximations for metric 1-median selection.

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@MISC{Roditty_all-pairsshortest, author = {Liam Roditty and Asaf Shapira}, title = {All-Pairs Shortest Paths with a Sublinear Additive Error}, year = {}} We show that.

1 Introduction Computing all-pairs shortest paths (APSP) in graphs is without a doubt one of the most well-studied problems both in practical and theoretical computer.

designed for all pairs optimized shortest path problem. These algorithms achieve. algorithms for all pairs shortest paths with additive error of at most 2. They also showed that. independent set. Since size of independent set is sub-linear.

Noga Alon , Zvi Galil , Oded Margalit, On the exponent of the all pairs shortest path problem, All-pairs shortest paths with a sublinear additive error:

All-Pairs Shortest Paths with a Sublinear Additive Error. – We show that for every 0 ≤ p ≤ 1 there is an algorithm with running time of O(n2.575 − p/(7.4 − 2.3p)) that given a directed graph with small.

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