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How much can you make betting on football best trifecta bet for belmont

Thursday 9st, July 11:23:57 Pm
The Easiest Sports Betting Tips and Strategies in 2020 - Sports Betting 101


Conclusion How Much You Can Make from Matched Betting. How much money you can put in at the start helps, but it really isn’t the defining factor.

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Within just a couple of months, you can pull yourself up to similar betting bankrolls as most other matched bettors most will be operating with a four-figure bankroll at a minimum. If you’ve already signed up to a load of bookmakers, this doesn’t matter at all!

This only hinders how much you can make from sign-up offers, but it’s reload offers where the real, long-term match betting profits lie. How much time and effort you’re willing to put in is. Naturally when people first come into this arena they want to know how much money can you make and in this video I am going to answer If you liked this video and want to really take your football betting results onto the next level then check out my Intro to Football. How to start making money by using a football betting system.

Betting systems may only be good on paper, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t make some money out of it. There are many ways that you can try use these systems to make money. Only keep in mind that profits are not guaranteed. What’s more, you can earn money during the game and keep betting with the returns. I can’t say for sure that betting on football is better than other sports. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference. For football lovers, however, betting is one sure way to keep enjoying the sport.

How to make your first football bet. If you are a football lover and would like to make money out of it, then betting is just the way to go. Imagine a pure coin flip where you can bet on heads or tails.

The odds should be 2 on each side, which means 50 probability of hitting one of the sides. For bookmakers to make money, they put their odds at on both sides, skimming 10 off whatever the winning bet is. I do make a living from betting, specifically football.

Outcome might be mixed with runs of wins and losses but with an effective money management and risk strategy, you are more than likely to make at least return on your initial risk capital month-on-month. I’ll explain how I go about this, but it isn’t the only way or the right way, it’s just what worked for me. Yes I imagine one can make a living betting on sports - but that takes a very determined, fearless, and most importantly, lucky bettor. Live betting is also great for those looking to learn how to bet successfully on football.

This is because those with good instincts for the game can read the action and make accurate predictions. Some successful live gamblers can make several correct bets throughout a match. This results in them finishing with a nice sum of extra money in their sportsbook account. One thing that often confuses those taking their first steps into the world of sports betting is the odds.

What makes them even more confusing is the fact that you can see them displayed in three different wa.

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Diego How much are you winning net profits per month now? Thomas Well, initially I started with a modest bankroll and was profiting less than 1 grand a month. True to your word, my ROI has always been in the range when I track my winnings monthly. Diego Can you give our readers a breakdown of an average month of betting how do you make that 3,?

Thomas In simple terms, our strategy is a staking method developed using mathematical calculations on bankroll management designed to ensure profits in the long run. We do this by betting in a strategic manner such that our wins are always greater than our losses. Adhering strictly to the guidelines you teach, I always start out with an initial stake of. Matches betting on football will guarantee any bettor a 95 chance of the free bet amount as profit.

The other 5 is used by betting exchanges as part of their commission on winnings.

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In this article, our main aim is to first outline the basic rules of matched betting. Secondly how it works and lastly how you can make more money by using matched betting. This means that you will have the upper hand and be able to make more money from even the smallest bets.

How Much Can You Make From Matched Betting? To sum up, what we already know, matched betting is where two bookmakers are pitted against one another with the end result of a profit. The outcomes of both bets are predicted and vary distinctly. However, the end result is that of a profit. Is it possible to make money on sports betting? Yes, says Simon Inglis, who has earned more than a best-buy savings account in a year but no if you look at the victims of the industry, as we detail below.

Not wishing to blow this chance of a windfall those stats you read about how little the average author earns are bang on I placed the bet on what I thought was a cert my team, Aston Villa, of the Premier League, to beat Blackpool, then in meltdown in the division below, in the FA Cup at odds of 49.

Typical Villa left it late, nabbing the winner in the minute. Which set me thinking, could short odds betting, whereby the chances of something happening are relatively high, at the very least beat interest rates offered by banks and building societies.

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Lets see the potential and the reality of how much you can make betting on sports.

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Most of us who regularly stick a Yankee on the televised racing on a Saturday together with at least one fixed odds football coupon dream of making a full time career out of it.

We have a good month, made a few quid and think to ourselves If only I’d scaled my bets up tenfold I’d be looking at the new cars at the VW garage rather than patching up the exhaust on the Peugeot with gaffer tape and putty’. You don’t have to be a genius to win money on betting as Simon Inglis discovered when his prize for being the recipient of the William Hill Sport Book Of The Year in. Have you every wondered how to start making money from betting on football?

Read our article to find out 5 strategies to follow that will help you to improve your results from betting on football. Betting on football is notoriously difficult because the margin for error amongst footballers and football teams is so thin that it takes just a slight dip in player performance for a team to let you down.

But how can you keep the odds in your favour, while also negating the prospect of teams letting you down? In this blog, we take a look at five strategies that we think will help you make money from betting on football. 1 Bettingmetrics’ data-driven predictions.

On the whole, statistics don’t lie. For each matched bet, you will be left with up to 95 of the free bet amount as profit. This is because betting exchanges usually charge a commission of 5 on winnings. You may also make a very small loss on the qualifying bet due to the minor difference in odds on each website. This is normal, and you will recoup this when you use the free bet.

In the steps below I'll show you how to profit from a 20 free bet using a real life example. Replicate the same steps across the hundreds of free bet offers each year and you can quickly be looking at 1,s. There may be some restrictions on what you can bet on or an expiry date. Must be placed within 14 days of account registration. 20 credited as 4 x 5 free bets. How Much Money Can You Make Gambling Professionally? By Timothy Dawson on November 16, Every gambler has thought about what it’d be like to earn a living through casino games.

This spawns visions of making a 6-figure salary, feasting on comps, dressing like James Bond and traveling the world. Every form of advantage betting has its pros and cons, but the key is that each of these activities offers the chance to make a full-time living. The key to figuring out how much you can make involves determining your ROI just like a poker pro. For example, if you make 10, worth of bets during a week and earn back 10, then you have a 5 ROI for the week [10, 10, 10.

You then need to expand this to cover an entire year.

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Once you have learnt more about how to bet on football, then the value bets could be an interesting avenue. You can find free football betting tips online that will show the value bet percentage in making specific bets.

This uses the stats and patterns that have been developed online to help the punter make the best bet possible. It is an astute tactic to study the football odds today. The world of betting is ever-changing, and the growth of the special markets is one of the perks that have come with online gambling.

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Punters can explore markets revolving around managers and players. Making money from sports betting is HARD.

But if you’re serious about becoming better at sports betting, this article will help. How to make money from sports betting. You need to think carefully about what strategies you bet on, and how you’re going to apply them to the markets you have chosen to focus on.

These strategies will further enhance the rules you put in place, and you must stick to them, otherwise you risk losing your edge. This is so much more lucrative than sports betting, and it is for that reason that the bookmakers are scared. You see, it’s completely legal, and there isn’t much they can do to stop it. Find out more in our Is matched betting legal.

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Most people see football betting as some kind of an easy way to make money. They just try to guess the winner in a certain game or some other event like who’s going to score a goal based on their gut feeling. In reality, being successful requires much more.

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The correct evaluation of football games, the deep knowledge of how the industry works, the constant digging for more information are a must, if you want to be a winner.

As you can see, football betting is complex and requires some effort in order to succeed. The information in this article won’t make you an instant winner, but it provides the crucial basis required for you to become one. It will help you build a successful strategy that will bring you a nice side income or even become your main one, who knows. How Can You Benefit From Football Bets?

Football fans who are starting to play in bookmakers are wondering, is it possible to make money on football bets in general? After all, before you engage in any activity related to financial risks, you need to soberly weigh everything and assess your chances of success. Definitely worth it, because betting on football in betting shops these are unlimited opportunities for profit, if you do not make mistakes.

Recently, more and more in demand are bets on football statistics corner cards, yellow cards, offsides, fouls and more. Having basic knowledge, it will not be difficult for you to deal with their features. Each bet is independent of another that’s how you measure your overall performance. It’s not one day at a time that you erase from history as soon as the sun sets. So regardless whether you’ve made a + profit, or a loss, over any period of time if you have a proven edge, then you shouldn’t stop.

I’m not suggesting that you carry on betting beyond your means if you’re losing money. I’m also not suggesting that you keep betting purely because you’re on a winning streak, either. There’s a tendency for bettors to check how much they’ve made in a day, week, or month and want to see it end the period on a high.

But unless your packing up, quitting forever, never to bet again, then why stop to savour the profits if you could be making more.

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Corners are steadily increasing in preference among football punters, especially during live matches. The essence of winning in corners can be summed up to If you are wondering how you can win when betting on over goals, perhaps it's time you tried a different approach. Instead ask, how can I win more when picking over? Now this is a trick that requires three steps On linfographik.com you can find the best and most reliable online bookmakers.

You are advised to sign up and place your bets on our trustworthy premium partners. Click on each bookie's logo to read a detailed review, view the Book Spy's comments and reviews from other players or click on the All Bookmakers option to view our complete list of betting companies. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. This is true of all gambling in general. No matter how sure you are about your bet, there is always a chance that you'll lose everything you wagered, so never bet money you won't be able to get by without.

A good policy is to treat gambling as something to do only with your "extra" money. In other words, once all your bills are paid off, you've budgeted for your living expenses, and your financial obligations are met, you can use a small amount of whatever's left over for betting.

For football, if a bet isn't otherwise labeled, it is usually offered at odds of 10[9] In other words, if you bet 11 dollars and win, you will make back your money plus 10 for a total of This is called a "straight bet" and is very common in sports betting. Football INDEX offers fans a chance to bet on the future success of football players compared to the short-lived outcome of betting on football results.

There are differe There are different ways to make money on Football INDEX. Traders can buy shares associated with footballers they think will increase in value. This can occur through improved performance over a prolonged period or by media speculation about a potential transfer, for example. In this instance, the aim is to buy low and sell high. Traders will also buy shares with a view to earning dividends.

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I Tried 'Matched Betting' to See How Much Easy Money I Could Make.

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I aimed to make profit within a month, using the tactic betting companies aren't one bit keen on. "They have different coloured websites and they sponsor different football teams that’s the only real difference between them," he tells me.

"They need free bet offers as a marketing ploy." The author's betting spreadsheet. Some of the most profitable offers came from casino bonuses, which you can also take advantage of without risking your own money. I made 38 from an offer on Grosvenor Casino, playing through my 20 bonus on blackjack using a strategy table.

It took about an hour to rollover my bonus five times, enough to withdraw it. It totally defines how much you can make matched betting. Ok, don’t be like that fish, but you know what I mean. I found the greatest profits by looking around on the OddsMonkey forum, doing offers I’m NOT comfortable with. Casino offers are very profitable. There are people on OddsMonkey that make their monthly chunk doing only casino offers.

As long as the expected value is positive, you should complete the offer. For example, if 9 out of your 10 bets are on football, betting high stakes on cricket may raise a flag. Bet around your average stake. If most of your bets are between then you’ll want to keep the average stake as consistent as possible. You may discover a offer but don’t be tempted to bet the full amount. Football betting is extremely popular and the best football betting site will very much depend on what you value with your football bets.

Please also take a look at our bookmaker review page where OLBG members have reviewed UK bookmakers. Their ratings suggest who may be the best online bookmakers. Can you name different football leagues? Bet can, that's how many leagues they had markets for when we checked! More than 10 MORE than anyone else. The football betting market is a very crowded place so bookies have to make football betting offers available to their customers in order to attract more bets.

These are some of the most popular football betting offers Acca Insurance Refunds - What is Acca Insurance. And How much money can you make with Matched Betting? In this article, I’ll be explaining how much money you can make from the following matched betting strategies Bookmaker new accounts offers, Casino and Bingo new account offers During the summer period when there is no Premier League football, there can be a dry spell.

Those aren’t risk-free as I said earlier in this article. Casinos and bingo houses offer ongoing reload bonuses and promotions for their clients. With this way of matched betting profits will vary, as they are not risk-free. With a bit of luck you can earn on average tax-free money per month.

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Just how much can you make wagering on the most popular sport in the United States? Img Source linfographik.com In, more money was bet and lost at Nevada sportsbooks than in any other year. There are a number of different ways to bet on football.

Different betting sites have different bet options, and you can check out linfographik.com if you want to find football sites for a fun and comprehensive wagering experience. Bet now, MyBookie and linfographik.com are just a few of the top names in the industry when it comes to betting on college football or the NFL.

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Americans will wager nearly billion on football just this year, so what are you waiting for? There are all sorts of money to be made betting on America’s favorite sport. Do you want more of your football bets to be winning ones?

Read about the essential elements that need to be taken into consideration before placing your football bets and how to succeed with your Euro Predictions in the coming months. How to make Sure win football predictions. Before we tell you the three essential tips required to make your football predictions successful, you should know that the first step will be to estimate the likelihood of your intended bet being a successful one. Enjoy, your free football betting tips, such as our Premier League predictions, because we can guarantee that they will never be boring with SportyTrader!

Grab a bonus for your football predictions. Most bookmakers offer an introductory free bet to new customers. For example, Paddy Power offer a free 20 bet when you sign up and bet I’d never won money on football matches before. The one time I came close was four years ago at the last World Cup when a six-game accumulator was thrown off by Spain losing to Switzerland the bastards!

Matched betting meant that, although I was reducing the size of my win, there was no way I could lose. The hardest part of match betting is calculating how much a bet will earn you and how much you need to lay in order to make sure you still walk away with the biggest bet possible.

Thankfully, most of the headache is solved by the existence of matched betting calculators like this one. It totally depends on how much time you devote to no risk matched betting and how much money you make from each specific offer. Having said all that, most serious matched bettors earn in the region of each month with more experienced bettors earning closer to the mark. As you can see, match betting can be incredibly profitable. Such things as the Football World Cup are great examples.

There are different types of reload offer out there, but using matched betting you can profit from a lot of these promotions on a regular basis. All in all, matched betting is a great option for those looking to earn a little extra money or a full time income from the comfort of your own home.

Matched betting in and beyond.

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If you bet your on Serbia to beat Germany, you'd have wound up with a lot more. If you can always get games right which you can't, you should certainly move for a year or two, you'd make enough to live whereever you wanted.

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. In the event that you ever wondered if can there be a betting process that can provide you with a larger proportion of winning bets than losing one's then you have to know that this method exist, is here linfographik.com, Zcodes Syst. Knowing how to bet on football is one thing, knowing how to bet on football successfully is something else entirely. Now, we can’t promise that we can turn you into a successful bettor overnight, but we can certainly give you all the information you need to get there in time.

That’s actually the main reason we created our complete guide to betting on football. In this section of our guide, we focus on the basics.

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The only way you’ll ever be successful is if you start out with a solid understanding of these, so please invest some time into learning about them.

This makes it so much easier to make informed decisions based on sound reasoning. You can’t possibly expect to make accurate predictions about what will happen in games without some real insight into the participants of those games. Doing more research or spending more time on football form, head 2 head stats will not make you profitable on football betting in The reason is simple all this have already calculated and reflected on the bookmaker handicap and odds.

Bookmaker have more resources, info and stats than most of us. There are still other ways which you can make money from football betting in such as exploit bookmaker bonus, sure Bet hedge Bet matched bet trading. These are low risk betting strategy that work but low risk come with low reward. Beside that, you need to deal with bookmaker promotion terms, professional trading rules yes, there are rule that prevent you to trade, withdrawal and deposit difficulty. How do you bet on sports successfully?

There are a few simple methods which actually do make money long term. Which are also relatively easy to learn. Taking into account the initial lost on the qualifying bet with Wolves and Norwich. You can see I am guaranteed to make either or from this process. Video Walk Through Of Matched Betting Offer.

Where Can I Find Matched Betting Offers? There are lots of these sign up offers where you can follow the same process. New bookmakers appear quite frequently.

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Most bookmakers offer In-Play betting on a wide selection of sporting events and you will see the odds move quickly according to what’s happening on the field of play. There is often a few seconds delay when it comes to placing any bets but this type of betting is a great way to gauge what’s happening before striking a bet. This can help you make a guaranteed profit or limit how much you’re going to lose on a bet.

Just make sure that the Cash Out value represents a good offer and trust your judgement. What is Dutching and how does it help me to win.

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The chances of making a profit by betting on football matches are extremely low, but a trio of researchers has managed to beat the odds with a simple formula. Mathematicians had already developed bookie-beating models that attempt to predict the outcome of sports matches, but they are difficult to devise and don’t always perform consistently.

Lisandro Kaunitz at the University of Tokyo and his colleagues wanted to know if a more direct approach would work using the bookmakers’ own odds against them. Using the odds that are published, you can get a very good estimate of an event occurring, says team member Javier Kreiner, a data scientist at transport start-up CargoX in So Paulo, Brazil. What’s the probability of Barcelona winning against Real Madrid, for example.

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See more of How To Make Money From Football Betting on Facebook. See more of How To Make Money From Football Betting on Facebook. The first step is to focus on increasing your income in increments and repeating that. If you made this month try and make next month. Calculate how much you need to make everyday to make a month! Now focus on that goal everyday.

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How can you know how to bet successfully on football without knowing what all the different terms mean? Here’s some football betting terminology to get your head around Accumulator. A football accumulator or acca is a number of different bets grouped together, often across multiple matches. Here, the difference is simple. An acca is made up of multiple bets, while a single is just one.

Football Betting Games - the Different Markets. A betting market is a specific category for a particular match. These are where you find odds for events on which you wish to bet. These include Betting odds tell you how likely an event is to happen and how much money you could win.

They are displayed in two ways Fractional Odds.

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Informative material on how to do analysis of matches for bets, as well as a detailed analysis of the most significant mistakes of beginner privateers. In this material we will analyze in detail the basic rules that will allow even beginners to make successful bets on football.

How to do match analysis for bets. There are several different approaches to making forecasts. To begin with, we will analyze the situation analysis, which, as a rule, is applied to sports events taking place the other day. For example, take a conditional match between Juventus and Chelsea, held in the Champions League.

The most optimal time to start creating a detailed analytical report is no more than a day before the start of the match with sufficient dexterity.

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One more thing, those who think bookmakers make the most of their profit from large bets are well missing the truth. Actually, the world sports betting companies are generating the bulk part of their betting revenues from individuals who are placing small bets but on a regular basis. These bettors represent the overwhelming majority of offline and online punters, many of them simply enjoying the excitement of placing a wager on their favorite team or game, not looking for big winnings at any cost.

You can find bookmakers with a minimum deposit 1 sports betting service and minimum deposit 1 euro betting sportsbooks are not a rarity. Also, selected online bookmakers allow punters to place single bets below 1.

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OverUnder bets or bets on the total are wagers made on the total amount of points that will be scored during any given game by both teams. The sports book sets the line, which is the number you will be basing your decision on. In the NFL, the spread rarely goes about or so, but in sports like college football, you routinely have teams cover 60 point spreads. While the point spreads themselves add a degree of complication to the bets, there are additional options that can really add to the fun.

How much less depends on how largely favored the team you bet on is. You are able to mix moneyline bets with point spread bets on a single parlay, however you cannot mix them with either teaserpleaser bets. On those cards, if one wager is teasedpleased, you must teaseplease them all.

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Betting Tips for Today's Football. Find more value in your next football bet. You could gain a betting edge by checking out the tips and stats for today's and tomorrow's fixtures Yesterday Today Tomorrow 7 Days. Or rather how can you become successful at soccer betting? This post will try to breakdown the three different betting approaches, so you can decide on the best option for you given your available resources and betting preferences.

The mindset and thoughts behind the three key methods are described in detail below 1 Betting slow and steady singles, winning more than you lose and therefore, predictably profiting over the long term.

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Arbing is a slang term for arbitrage, and describes the process where a gambler takes advantage of different odds at different bookmakers to cover and profit from all possible outcomes. By definition, the gambler knows how much he is going to make when he places the bet regardless of what outcome eventually happens. The simplest form of arbing is known as a backlay arbitrage.

While a large bet on a large football match doesn’t look too strange, a similarly large bet on fourth division Korean table tennis is going to raise some eyebrows. Most arb finders don’t differentiate between the types of markets so always be aware of what you’re betting on and if it is too weird, avoid. Bet on arbs no one else has found.

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Betting odds allow you to calculate how much money you will win if you make a bet. Let’s use the same examples as before, with the same replacement of numbers for letters, i.e. Quite simply, for every value of B that you bet, you will win A, plus the return of your stake.

91 for every 1 you bet, you will win 9. You can use our bet calculator to help you calculate winnings. Decimal Odds Versus Fractional Odds. In truth, one isn’t better than the other but there is certainly a trend emerging towards decimal odds.

Historically fractional odds were used in the UK, especially on racetracks and on the high street. There are two key differences. Generally, decimal odds are easier to understand.

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There's no need for football betting tips and matched betting can be done on almost any football market - from first goalscorer to asian handicaps. Matched betting is a proven system that guarantees profits, no matter what the the outcome of your bet is.

Profit Accumulator shows members which offers to complete, how much each one is worth and provides step-by-step instructions for each offer. The amount you make is largely dependent on how much time you can dedicate to it.

One Profit Accumulator member posted in the forum, reporting a 27, profit from the past year. It is possible to make 2,plus per month if you have enough time. Otherwise, it’s a handy way of making a few hundred pounds extra every month. Remember, all the profit made is tax-free.

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Betting Profits How Much Money Can You Make Betting On Sports A BIG question I always get asked is how much money do traders make.

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Ofem Inas HOW FOOTBALL BETTING WORKS Football betting is all about betting against bookmakers. It is different from betting against other people the way most people do. It is also different from pools betting. Bookmakers are betting companies that provide the platform for betting activities.

They also provide the prices and expected winnings on each football match. You can access Bet at The biggest problem we face in Nigeria is that most bookmakers don't accept.

Even the ones that accept us, you have to go through the rigours of bank transfers to fund your account with linfographik.com you win, they will have to transfer to your bank account or Debit Card. All these take time and it kills the fun of this business.

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An important difference between sports betting and lottery tickets or casino betting is that sports bets are not based on well-defined rules like 5 numbers being independently drawn. Instead, bookmakers set odds, and they do so not based on what they think the outcome will actually be but rather in order to attract bets in the correct proportions that the pool will be able to pay out to the winners, plus a margin for the bookmaker to keep.

You only asked if there exist people who made a living off of sports betting, not if there are a lot of them. And the answer to that is "yes". Years ago before he had a family, he would study pro football incessantly.

On Sundays he had every game going at the same time on 7 different TV's.

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See more ideas about Sports betting, Make more money and Sports. How to understand how to earn money without departing home. Available ways to earn with can you really make money taking online surveys yahoo answers. 3 Things you should know about gambling online - Women Fitness Magazine.

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How much money does Alliance of American Football players make? We break down the AAF salaries and contracts. So if a fan picks a player on a fantasy platform or in a bet and you’ll be able to have in-game betting on our platform the players actually make money on top of their regular-season salary, which is as high or just short of the NFL practice-squad salary.

They’ll be able to make money every time they get picked on a fantasy team, every time they get picked on a bet, every time a fan likes them on Facebook. So we’ve designed a system that we think is reflective of the modern era where players literally make limitless amounts of money if they engage with our platform in the right way with th.

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Wright discusses how retail operators can improve customer experience and how they should look to integrate new technologies within their in-store designs. Wright states that retail operators can co-exist with online operations, however they need to make small strategic changes in order to ensure retail survival.

Entering many retail betting shops, feels like stepping back in time, Wright advises operators to display betting markets on new technologies and allow access to digital channels. The aim of the store should be to create an ambiance that is deemed comfortable and familiar to the customer, this would lead to optimized performance at each store.

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Warp Up The Ideal Way To Start. So, including the Wrap Up, this Matched Betting for Dummies Guide is providing you with 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Putting Your Hard Earned Money. The Show box underneath can show you Full Contents for your more convenience. Matched Betting For Dummies Why Do We Share This Method? You Do 2 transactions Back bet on win 10 at William Hill Lay bet on NOT win, means both lose draw like football match case appropriate stake use Free Calculator at Betfair so that you cover all outcomes.

No matter what the event’s result will be, your losing winning will cancel out each other.

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Naturally when people first come into this arena they want to know how much money can you make and in this video I am going to answer that very qestion. So can you make money trading?

The answer is an absolute YES as long as you have the right approach. If you have a good football trading strategy, or football betting strategy and you have the right mindset you will see trading profits. If you liked this video and want to really take your football betting results onto the next level then check out my Intro to Football Trading course absolutely FREE. Click the following link to sign up.

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Read more about how football spread betting works. 3 CUT YOUR LOSSES If you have placed a bet that is clearly going against you, the safe option could be to protect your balance and cash out of the position before it gets any worse.

Cut your losses early and protect your betting bank. With spread betting you can make better use of your sporting knowledge than with fixed odds. With fixed odds betting you have a simple 'win or lose' scenario and you know exactly how much you stand to win or lose as soon as you strike your bet. With spread betting, how much you win or lose is determined by how accurate you are. There are a great deal more than just two possible outcomes with spread betting and the more right you are, the more you win.