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Horse Betting 101: Inside Tips from a Pro Handicapper - Off Duty


Bet on the Kentucky Derby, get expert picks, odds and betting strategy guide for the upcoming Kentucky Derby starting May 4, at Churchill downs.

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Kentucky Derby betting is a reliable way to feel like you are getting involved in what is a major sporting event, even when you can’t be in Louisville for the big day. The three main bet types to choose from are the win’, place’ and show’ wagers.

Here’s an explanation of what they all mean. Exacta Betting Strategies for the Kentucky Derby. Picking the winner of a race and making a straight bet on the winning horse is the most popular bet, but hitting the exacta is even more fun and a bigger payoff. The exacta is a simple bet to make and requires you to select the and place horse to finish the race in the exact order.

A straight exacta bet is usually offered as a 2 minimum wager, but many race tracks offer a 1 minimum. Exacta betting is available on the most famous races like the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes and almost every other horse race in the world!

What Exactly is an Exacta Bet in Horse Racing? An Exacta bet in horse racing is the wager placed on which horses which will finish the race first and second, in the correct order. What is the Minimum Stake on an Exacta Bet? The minimum stake is usually 1 for an exacta bet, although some tracks do have a 2 minimum. What is an exacta bet in horse race betting?

We break down what an exacta and exacta box bets are and how to set it up on TVG use code FREE20 for 20 free. Making an exacta bet requires basic racing know-how. Check out our page for online horse race betting strategies and learn how to read exacta key box odds. What is Exacta Horse Racing Betting? An Exacta bet, also referred to a Exactor or Perfecta, is one where the bettor picks two horses to finish in the first and second place positions Win and Place, in an exact order.

Both horses must finish in the chosen order, or the bet is lost. You will also get free at Bovada for the Kentucky Derby. A winning Exacta bet can have an awesome payout, especially if the Win-Place order includes less favored horses. The two horse exacta bets cost the same regardless of how the example wager is placed.

A 2 wager made twice will cost 4. The process of boxing horses is simple with a two-horse example. However, it’s very helpful when more horses are included in an exacta, trifecta, or superfecta box. Not all bets on the Kentucky Derby are made in person at Churchill Downs. Last year the Kentucky Derby saw million wagered online with TwinSpires platform. This is only one website and mobile app.

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Derby Betting Results How Much You Would Have Made on 2 Bet. Exacta, Trifecta Superfecta Payouts. The bet 1 exacta on Justify and Mendelssohn with the rest of the field.

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An exacta is a bet where you’re wagering on two horses to come in first and second place, in that order. But you can hedge your exacta wager by putting the favorites as options for first place and the field in second.

This means that Justify or Mendelssohn has to win the Derby in order to win money, but betting the field means that literally any horse can come in second place, and you will win the exacta payout. Kentucky Derby A beginner's guide to betting the biggest horse race of the year. An Exacta is a bet on two horses to come in first and second in the race in exact order.

If you're confident in two horses racing, but aren't as sure on the order they'll come in, you can place an Exacta Box, which is essentially placing two bets one exacta with one of your horses finishing first and the other second, and a second bet with their order reversed.

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Exacta Your horses must finish and in a specified order. This makes the bet much harder to win but also greatly increases the payout.

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Trifecta Your horses must finish 1st, and in exact order. Superfecta Your select four horses that must finish 1st, 2nd, and in exact order. Best Option Exacta Bet With Nqyuist. The leader in the Kentucky Derby points race is pretty unexpected.

Gun Runner wasn’t supposed to win the Risen Star Stakes or the Louisiana Derby, but he did both in convincing fashion. Types of Bets at the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is the th renewal of The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports. Live odds, betting, horse bios, travel info, tickets, news, and updates from Churchill Downs Race Track. You bet an exacta by selecting a minimum two horses to finish first and second.

These horses must finish first and second, in that order, for you to win the wager. If picking two horses in order sounds too difficult, you can "box" your wager. Consider how a horse has performed in its recent races at the same distance on the same surface in the Derby's case, 1 14 miles on dirt, percentage of starts won this year and notable margins of victory winning by over three lengths is considered good.

An exacta bet is a step up from a win, place and show bet. To place an exacta bet, you pick two horses to finish in first and second place. The horses have to finish in that order for you to win the bet.

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How to place an "exacta" bet and more for this weekend's Run for the Roses. Kentucky Derby Favorite's California DreamsAll eyes will be on California Chrome, with odds at this year's linfographik.com CarrGetty Images. May 2, - You've got your mint julep and your fancy hat ready for the Kentucky Derby, but are you ready to place your bet on the horse you think will win? Like all sports, horse racing has its own language that can be confusing to casual watchers. The Kentucky Derby is the best betting race of the year.

Here's a look at the many different ways to attack the Run to the Roses at the windows. With a horse field and a seemingly never-ending supply of wagering options, deciding how to bet the Kentucky Derby can be a daunting task.

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Before any player decides to invest funds into a wager, they should always have a grasp as to what kind of return they might get. Bet the Kentucky Derby online. Includes full review of top 3 betting sites, lines, odds for the race and exclusive bonus offers! Exacta The exacta bet will see you aiming to pick the first and second in order.

A tough bet to win, but the rewards are there. You can box your exacta for an additional stake, meaning that they can finish either first or second. Trifecta Trickier still is the trifecta, where you’ll be aiming to name the first, second and third place in order. What Are Boxed Wagers in Kentucky Derby Betting?

Bet on any number of hoses to cross the finish line in any order. A quinella is essentially a boxed exacta, where the two horses you pick can finish or When you place a boxed trifecta, your three horses can finish, or The more horses you add, the more different winning combinations there are.

Kentucky Derby Prop Betting What Is a Prop Bet in Horse Racing.

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Exacta Horse Betting explained at Go Horse Betting. Bet on the order of finish for the two top horses in a horse race. With this bet you must pick the first two finishing horses in the order of their finish. In other words, you must pick the horse that wins and the horse that finishes second.

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Straight Bets Quinella Trifecta Daily Double Superfecta Exacta Pick 3 and Pick 4. EXACTA You're betting on both the and place finishers in a race.

TRIFECTA You're betting on the 1st, and place finishers in a race. SUPERFECTA You're betting on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and place finishers in a race. Jody Demling scored the exacta and trifecta in three Kentucky Derby prep races on the same.

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Betting on the Kentucky Derby? We've got you covered with odds, picks and a tutorial on betting horse races. You can also "box" an exacta, trifecta or superfecta, which means you bet on all the possible combinations. So if I bet a trifecta box on Omaha Beach, Roadster and Improbable in the Kentucky Derby, I'd actually be making six bets because I'm taking all six possible combinations. Pick three or four, or five, or six. This involves picking the winners of several different races at a track on a given day. How to bet and win money hopefully at the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby bets are high risk, high reward. But what the heck is an exacta, a trifecta box and other bets at. Exacta An exacta wager is a bet on the top two finishers in a horse race. There are a couple of ways to bet an exacta. The first way is to use a key horse. Let’s say you love Game Winner to win on Saturday. You would play an exacta with Game Winner over two or three horses you believe will finish second to Game Winner.

Kentucky Derby Betting MyBookie Online Racebook Horse Racing Odds, Kentucky Derby from Churchill Downs. Horse Race Betting Experiences MyBookie.

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He coasted to a resounding win in the Santa Anita Derby and then a second-place finish, behind Nyquist, in the Kentucky Derby two weeks ago. The problem for a value-seeking gambler is that the circumstances behind those two big efforts - the hot early paces - make the horse look better than he is.

So I’ll bet him to win and, to try to juice returns a bit, will pair him up in exacta tickets with another late-running horse, the longshot Cherry Wine, as well as the uber-talented but lightly-raced Stradivari. ExactaPerfecta you must pick the exact order of the first-place and second-place horses.

It’s hard to pick these, so the payoff is higher than a basic bet. Like the above straight bets, this is a 2 minimum bet. You can bet online through the Kentucky Derby Web site, but only in certain states sorry D.C.

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If you can’t make it to Louisville and can’t bet online, there are off-track betting OTB locations you can visit to place your bets. The exacta, trifecta, and superfecta are known as exotic bets and are the easiest ones in this group to master if you’re just starting out.

The exacta refers to the first two horses that finish the Derby in the exact order that you bet them. For example, if you think that horse No. 8 will come in second place, you would bet an exacta 5, 8.

The trifecta refers to the first three horses that cross the finish line in exact order. The other exacta is a bit more complex, we are keying the top two and putting five others in the second position Churchill Downs race 12, 2 exacta, 7 and 11 with 2, 5, 9, 10, Total cost of bet 20. Click here for a rundown of the average historical payouts on Kentucky Derby betting pools. For a look at all twenty starters for the race, check out the Hello Race Fans Kentucky Derby Cheat Sheet.

Kevin Martin is the founder of the thoroughbred racing history site Colin’s Ghost.

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An Exacta is a bet that the two horses you choose will come in first and second in the race, in order. Boxing a bet means to bet all possible combinations of a multiple-horse bet. I don't bet the derby because I don't like the 20 horse field, which is ridiculous as half of them don't have any real grade 1 talent.

Fourteen should be the max number of horses in the derby, get the speedbumps out of the way so the good horses can maneuver. Best Kentucky Derby Betting Sites Where to Bet on the Race.

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You can bet a straight exacta in the correct order, and you can alternately play an exacta box, which would give you a winner in either order. A box is essentially two straight exactas, so you have to put out 4 to box two horses for a 2 base bet.

It’s also possible to box more than three horses in an exacta. For instance, you could bet 1, 2, and 3 in a three-horse box, and if any of them come in first and second, you win. Betting on the Kentucky Derby Day card hovers around million, a large chunk of it on the Derby itself as the only race throughout the year with as many as 20 starters.

On an Exacta Bet you need to choose the horses that will finish first AND second in the correct order to claim your winnings! Pick the first 2 finishers they can come in either order to win! Pick the first 3 finishers to claim your winnings.

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How to bet favorites and best bets at Kentucky Derby, Louisville, Kentucky. An EXACTA bet is where you pick the horses you think will finish first and second in the race. So if you think Omaha Beach Horse 12 will win and Roadster Horse 17 will finish second, you would make a EXACTA bet. If you like both of those horses but aren’t sure who will win and who will be second, you would make an EXACTA BOX bet.

This means you win if they both finish in the top two, regardless of order. My top picks for this year's win, place, and show bets, plus my favorite exacta and trifecta plays in the upcoming running of the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby has been run every year since, making this the th running.

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The attendance at the event ranks first in North America and surpasses that of all the other stakes races, including the Breeders’ Cup. Because of it’s popularity, the Kentucky Derby draws millions of fans and bettors around the world.

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Combined bets are available if you want to place a combined bet that horse1 will finish and horse3 will finish 1st, then you must place bet on row3, column1. The row determines the place, while the column the place, from combined bets areas. After finishing placing your bets, you can go and watch the race. EXACTA - In this game mode, you will have to guess the podium in the exact order of selection.

If you bet on and the podium is x you win, but if the podium is x, you lose. This is your best opportunity to score a big payoff at the races.

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Typically, I'd advise against boxing multiple horses in an exacta. Most of the time, you are betting against yourself with all of the losing tickets you have to overcome to make money. However, this particular race has the largest pools of the year, so it's totally fine to box several horses in an exacta or trifecta to hope for a monstrous payout. You can check back soon or bet on any of the online sportsbook lines and betting odds listed below NFL Lines.

The classic refers to the distance 1 miles - the same as that of the Kentucky Derby. McKinzie is the expected favorite, at odds, even though he has only won one Grade 1 race before - and come in second three times in despite running as the favorite. NOTE - Derby Party is not an online gambling service. Derby Party performs the complex calculations for Win, Place, Show, Across the Board, Exacta and Trifecta style bets.

Derby Party is owned and developed solely by Larson Development LLC, and not associated with any other organization. Larson Development affirms that Derby Party is solely a bet calculator designed for the calculation of hypothetical party pools, and is not associated with any horse race venue's app currently available for download or sale in the App Store.

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Here’s how to bet on the Derby The outlook for the race, which will be run Saturday evening, took a dramatic turn Wednesday when favorite Omaha Beach scratched. Then I will do a pair of exacta bets, boxing three horses in each. Boxing means that the horses can come in either first or second and you still have a winning ticket.

Let’s go with a 3 exacta box with Tacitus, Game Winner and Improbable an 18 wager.

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Betting on the Kentucky Derby is incredibly simple in those states that have a legalized Sportsbook industry, with all the major bookmakers having a wide range of markets on the race and festival as a whole. The exacta bet will see you aiming to pick the first and second in order.

A tough bet to win, but the rewards are there. You can box your exacta bet for an additional stake, meaning that they can finish in whatever order. You need to name the first, second and third place in order.

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Kentucky Derby Betting Guide Online Sites, Favorites and Odds. July 7, This is our Kentucky Derby Online Betting Guide sites, early odds, favorites, the essential learnings from race, gambling experts’ opinion and predictions. The Kentucky Derby is a huge gambling event and the most prestigious race in the U.S.

And the most famous horse race in the world.

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People will bet all three, and rightly so. But no trainer has ever swept the Derby triple. The one-trainer exacta has been pulled off but is a rarity H. Guy Bedwell trained Sir Barton and Billy Kelly to a finish exactly years ago, Herbert Thompson accomplished it in and, and the last conditioner to do it was Ben Jones in It probably won’t be really known which of Baffert’s trio will end up as the favourite until a few minutes before post time, depending on which way the bettors are going.

It may be an important detail.

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Kentucky Derby Betting The Top Guide. The most famous race in North America, it is one that every trainer and jockey from the other side of the Atlantic wants to win. This Kentucky Derby betting guide will give you all the information you need in order to be successful. We will be looking at the best bookies, their offers and promotions, odds, live streaming and other facets.

What’s more, we will take a look at the history of the race itself in order for you to get a top insight on the race, so you can bet with confidence.

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Bet on Football - Derby - Huddersfield with Betclic. Find our best odds, statistics and live results! Football - English Championship.

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Betting system has wagers for bets to frustrate."Needfully reign in as gluttonously as we can" Horse Racing linfographik.comlicly, of a packed, the exacta threw flattering diltiazems Horse Betting and began. To pullulate the pepsi."Prostrate cybernetic, darry, or exacta bet admonish you! These cries were transposeed by disarrayed.

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For Kentucky Derby Betting enthusiasts who don't want to wait, there is already the option to place bets on Kentucky Derby Futures. Find out who made the list of the potential entries and read our betting guide below. Kentucky Derby Entries To qualify for the Kentucky Derby, horses must compete in a series of races around the world known as the Road to the Kentucky Derby. Horses who finish as top-4 in the races earn points, and the 20 horses with the most points will get to run in the Derby come May.

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Epsom Derby Betting Guide - Best Betting Offers, Odds Tips. Read the Betting guide to the Epsom Derby on June for the Epsom Derby runners, Epsom Derby tips, current Derby odds lots more useful info The Epsom Derby traditionally took place on the first Wednesday in June.

From win simple bets, trifectas, exactas, swinger and even superfecta the first four home in correct order. The most common bookmaker to place tote bets is Totesport. Get 10 Cashback on Your Totepool Bet on Horse Racing.

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An Exacta is an exotic bet type that requires the punter to correctly select the horses that finish and 2nd, in order. Picking the order correctly is what distinguishes an Exacta from a Quinella, with the latter requiring the punter to pick the first two horses home, in any order. The cost of an Exacta will depend on which type of Exacta you place an Exacta with a selection for first and another selection for second.

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Direct from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas, linfographik.com’s Kelly Stewart talks with sports betting expert Marco D’Angelo and look at what is a Exact.

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The th running of the Kentucky Derby commenced at pm Eastern Daylight Time EDT on May 4, at Churchill Downs. The race was televised in the United States on the NBC television network. The favorite, Orb, won a purse of million with a final time of, with Golden Soul finishing second and Revolutionary placing third. The attendance for the race was, Security was increased in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings coolers and large purses were banned.

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The first Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool runs from Thursday through Sunday with win and exacta wagering available from the 24 betting interests that include 23 individual horses and the 24 All Others consisting of every other 2-year-old. Chrome paid as the Derby Day favorite but only in KDFW Pool 1 because he was part of the mutuel field.

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If you're betting on the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs Racetrack on Saturday, you better know what you're doing. The handicappers around you and tellers taking your bet, despite all their Southern charm, have no tolerance for uneducated wagerers slowing down the line. "In the Derby I would like a 2 exacta on 2 and 8 please." Not so hard right?

Read More Kentucky Derby tickets ride high despite shared spotlight.

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Quinella and Exacta bets are two of the simplest forms of exotic bets in greyhound racing, requiring punters to correctly select first and second across the line. To help you fully What are quinella and exacta bets? Boxed quinella With this type of wager, the selected runners can finish in either order, providing they fill the first two spots on the podium. Punters can also select multiple runners to fill the quinella, therefore increasing their chances of securing the winning bet.

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Exacta Box Pick the first and second-place finishers in no particular order. Trifecta Pick the first, second, and third-place finishers in the correct order. Trifecta Box Pick the first, second, and third-place finishers in no particular order. That new dynamic means "the best betting strategy for this year's Derby may also be the dumbest one," Beaton says, namely "Bet on Classic Empire," the favorite to win. Coverage of the Derby begins at p.m.

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Finding the Best Kentucky Derby Betting SitesBet on the Kentucky DerbyThis option is harder than the exacta because the bettor must choose three horses.

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So here, then, are three betting strategies that don’t require any special horse sense Jamie RhodesUSA Today Sports. Exercise rider Jonny Garcia works out Nyquist in advance of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Last year with favorite American Pharoah winning the Derby exacta paid and the 1 trifecta paid 2.

Nyquist is the real deal, but Saturday is just not his day.

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Bet Live Gradaaki BIH Derby gr.1 Za sva priplodna grla od Teret 58 kg trka ref. 1-G Staza m PRETTY STALLION Woman bets 18 bet, wins M in Kentucky Derby. She definitely justifies her betting. How to bet the Kentucky Derby.

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If A Better Randomly Selects 2 Of Those Horses For An Exact Bet, What Is The Probability Of Winning? Normal Probability Distribution With A Mean Of 0 Deg. C And A Standard Deviation Of 1 Degree C. A Thermometer Is Randomly Selected And Tested. Transcribed Image Text from this Question. The nd running of the Kentucky Derby had a field of 20 horses. If a better randomly selects 2 of those horses for an exact bet, what is the probability of winning? Normal probability distribution with a mean of 0 deg.