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Volunteer Sports Coaching in Kenya with Projects Abroad


Billy’s interest in sports coaching volunteer abroad opportunity stems from his own experience as a student-athlete when he played college football while at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. As Billy’s career has centered around working with physical education teachers in the United States, he was eager to take his passion and expertise abroad and became interested in uVolunteer’s Teach Physical Education program, in which he would be assisting a local school in Trat, Thailand coordinate a sports and games camp for local kids. Volunteer coach of the program’s sport and to work with youth or assist the local coaches in capacity building.

Communications officer responsible for assisting with online marketing materials, writing the newsletter and updating the program’s social media platforms. Research assistant who is responsible for providing greater understanding of a specific issue and then helping towards the development of a curriculum or program to address that issue through sports.

These volunteer abroad positions can be short or long term, depending on the organization’s needs. More often the organizations ask for at least a 2- month commitment from the volunteer. The volunteers can expect to have to fundraise to cover their costs. Volunteer on a Sports Project with Projects Abroad and spend time in your chosen destination helping young people have fun and challenge themselves.

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Sport has the capacity to change lives. Alongside promoting lifelong health and fitness, sport can offer young people a path towards confidence, self-belief and achievement.

Our staff can help you find a sports volunteering opportunity that makes the most of your sporting skills and interests. If you’re passionate about a wide range of sports, you can also coach PE lessons in a school. You’ll be helping young people improve young people’s wellbeing, while they develop important skills like teamwork and communication.

The communities we work in often struggle to prioritize sports and to supervise games. Volunteering abroad in sports basically falls into two categories coaching in school systems through after school youth programs or coaching in junior elite programs designed to train rising stars for international amateur competitions or professional leagues.

By far, basic sports coaching abroad is more plentiful and invites volunteers with broader skill sets in a larger variety of sports. However, no matter where conduct sports volunteering abroad, coaching sports abroad in a different cultural setting can be extremely rewarding and eye-opening. Participation in sports is important for all. Great Sports Coaching Volunteer Programs for Sports lovers. Teach Football, Basketball, Surfing or Swimming.

Share your passion about sport. Volunteer for the Sports Coaching Programs with Volunteering Solutions and provide professional advice on fitness and training of sports to children in developing countries. If you have are enthusiastic about sports, then signing up for this project will be a rewarding experience. Work closely with school children, especially the ones who are good with sports and encourage them to take up sports for a brighter future.

Responsibilities at the project include Taking sports lessons with students, usual sports include footballsoccer, badminton, Basketball, handball, artistic gym, athletics, rugb. Volunteer, coach, train, play and get qualified in sports abroad. Perfect for gap years, summer holidays, student travel and career breaks. Sporting Opportunities gives you the chance to travel the world and combine your love of sport at the same time.

Travel with other like-minded people and you could see yourself on a volunteer sports coaching project in Africa, Asia or South America or getting qualified as a ski or snowboard instructor in Canada. And if that is not enough and you fancy taking your sport to the next level then we have a range of playing and training opportunities abroad. You don’t need to be a qualified coach. You don’t need to be a pro-sports star.

You just need bags of enthusiasm and to be passionate about spo.

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As a sports volunteer abroad, you can use your skills and passion to meet a different goal. You can help youth realise their potential and have fun getting fit! This is what you can expect from our Sports Volunteering Projects Work alongside and learn directly from local sports coaches and teachers.

Add practical coaching experience to your CV. Develop your creativity and adaptability by working in a low-resource environment. Learn how to promote the importance of healthy living. Sports has the capacity to change lives, which is why sports development is so important in the communities we wor Are you a high school student interested in coaching football abroad?

Check out our Football High School Special Project, a volunteer trip just for teenagers. As a sports volunteer abroad, you will be a role model for the children of the local neighborhood.

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Besides teaching students the skills to play a certain sport, you’re taking time to bond with them and helping them to learn for life.

This connection will allow you to positively encourage and influence them in their future development. If you are a natural when it comes to sports in general, sport coach volunteers are widely sought after in various countries in Africa and South America.

Adventurous volunteers attracted to locations off the beaten track like Mongolia and Fiji will also find their perfect location as they contribute to the local community.

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Volunteer Sports Coaching Abroad. Company Projects Abroad Duration 2 weeks to 1 Year+ Approx Costs to + Pound UK. Projects Abroad offer a variety of Sports placements at schools, sports clubs and community centres. These projects offer you the chance to improve your skills and pass on your passion for sport to children in developing communities. Volunteers can choose to focus on a specific sport, such as football, athletics or surfing, or get involved in Multi-sports programmes or school PE lessons.

We welcome volunteers of all levels of ability - you. Sports volunteering abroad can combine your passion for sport with your desire for travel.

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Oyster offers amazing projects for volunteers to coach sports in Chile, Ghana, Brazil and South Africa, where you can enjoy the benefits of living in a vibrant city, but at the same time, really get to know the locals.

These countries are all famous for their passion for sports, but many local children do not have access to sports education and this is where sports coaching volunteers can make a real difference. Volunteers can either get involved in football coaching or they can choose to teach swimming.

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Volunteer abroad as a sports coach and work with children or adults. Your focus will be on developing skills and technique and encouraging fitness. Regular and organized sports coaching can have a very positive impact on children. As well as the obvious physical and mental benefits that regular exercise provides, there are many inherent life-skills to be learned, such as the importance of teamwork, communication, and discipline.

And, of course, there is a great deal of fun and excitement to be had along the way! Volunteer Coaching Sports Abroad.

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Fostering of local sports talent through provision of quality coaches and support for our volunteer trainee coaches. Passionate about teaching sports?

Take part in our amazing volunteer coaching abroad programme work with children. Prices start from As a hub for all sporting abilities, you'll make friends from all over the world, inspire kids and leave lasting memories at every school. Spend a summer building leadership skills while being a big kid yourself!

Summer Camp USA is your key to a taste of a true American summer complete with sun, games, sports and much, much more. Shape a child’s summer and have the experience of a lifetime with BUNAC.

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Best Affordable Sports Coaching Volunteer Abroad Program. Are you into sports and a physically active person? Have you ever imagined being part of a sports coaching volunteer program abroad? IFRE has a range of sports coaching volunteering opportunities abroad that help you spread the message of active physical involvement for people’s wellbeing.

IFRE has tailor made programs designed to suit your interests and purpose. If you are really interested in doing something meaningful during your summer or winter break, then IFRE has some exciting and affordable volunteer options for you. Volunteers are vital in the progress of these projects development and helping to meet the needs of the children.

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Take a look at some of our projects below and then apply online and someone will get back to you to help you find the perfect sports coaching placement.

Here are all our sports coaching projects Sports Coaching. Renowned for its passion and host to the FIFA World Cup, the Rainbow Nation is an ideal place to share your love of sports! Read Latest Reviews Prices from 1. Volunteer as a sports coach abroad! You can focus on a specific sport such as football or rugby, or choose to teach a variety of physical activities.

We offer projects coaching sports in schools, dedicated sports clubs, and community centres. These projects offer you the chance to improve your skills and pass on your passion for sport to children in the developing world. Next Step Click here to choose your Sports project.

Some volunteers choose to focus on one sport, such as football, rugby, or athletics. Alternatively, you could choose to teach a variety of sports in a school or community sports club. Both options are available for anyone over the age of 15 and are perfect for a gap year, career break, or even a short-term volunteer place. Globalcrossroad Best Cheap Sports Coaching Volunteer Abroad Programs. If you are considering volunteer sports coaching abroad then Global crossroads has sourced two great opportunities for you in the field of volunteer sports coaching abroad.

Global crossroad can arrange these programs for you depending on how many weeks or months you want to volunteer, and they can also custom make trips if volunteers wish to go to a special country. Physical Education project in South Africa. In part of the world that produces many fine athletes Africa is a great continent to do volunteer sports coaching abr.

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Volunteer Abroad in Sports Education. While sports may be an important part of their culture, often struggling communities in developing countries lack the resources to make physical education a priority in schools. Our sports education projects help support physical education teachers in under-resourced public schools and introduce students to new sports while conserving limited school budgets. There is also the opportunity to work with local coaches with training or you can lead your own classes in a variety of sports local sport centres, and community clubs.

In addition to the physical and mental benefits of r. Volunteer on one of our many sports coaching opportunities and get active, see a new part of the world, and share your love of sport with disadvantaged children in low income communities. Teach sports such as and soccer in South Africa, Costa Rica and India! Besides the fun, excitement and obvious mental and physical benefits that regular exercise provides children, it also teaches many life-skills such as the importance of teamwork, communication and discipline and improving concentration.

Get outside, get moving and get your sport on as you make a positive change.

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Volunteer Coaching Sports in Ghana placement provides participants with the opportunity to learn about the local community while sharing their knowledge and providing brighter prospects to the local athletes.

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Sports Volunteering Abroad in Swaziland. Become a sports coach and volunteer in Swaziland. Coach disadvantaged children to play football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, netball and more. Add to wishlistRemove from wishlist. Community Sports Coaching Volunteering in Cape Town, South Africa.

As a community sports coaching volunteer you will volunteer in South Africa in a Cape Town township where sports coaching is much needed. Add to wishlistRemove from wishlist. Interested in volunteering abroad? Visit linfographik.com for more information Projects Abroad is the leading global organiser of overseas vo Our wide range of projects, including Teaching, Care, Conservation Environment, Medicine Healthcare, Sports, Culture Community projects and Journalism, are designed specifically for the needs of the communities in which we work, whilst giving our volunteers the very best experience of volunteering abroad. The sports are generally coached by season, but if you wanted to coach a sport that was not in season, or if you wanted to introduce a new sport to the children, the school would welcome it as long as it was of benefit to the children.

There are a wide number of sports available to coach on this project and you will be involved in a wide range of sporting activities, giving you great diversity. The school has good facilities that will enable you to coach a variety of different sports. You will be sharing a room with other volunteers.

There is a communal kitchen and storage area for cooking meals and plenty of space to relax. Entertainment at your accommodation includes cheap internet access, TV and free pool table. You are literally a stroll from the Sky Tower, harbor and waterfront. As a volunteer teaching sports abroad, you’ll discover that the children thrive on the opportunity to learn new sports and develop their skills.

To be an effective volunteer sports coach, you’re encouraged to be inventive with your lesson plans, incorporating new games and sports, teaching new skills, and organizing tournaments for the children. Learn more about our opportunities to join sports volunteer abroad programs in the destinations below. Sports Education in Buenos Aires - Argentina.

Sports in Cordoba - Argentina. Sports in Rio De Janeiro - Brazil. Sports Development in Cartagena - Col.

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Sports coaching abroad holidays Tours holidays in Sports coaching volunteering holidays have numerous benefits for coaches and local communities. As well as promoting a healthy lifestyle, coaching gives children a way to enjoy and express themselves children who may not have had much of a childhood due to the need to work or care for siblings. Placements focus on a variety of sports across slums and favelas, isolated rural villages and refugee and immigrant communities.

HomeVolunteer travelSports coaching abroad.

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Sports coaching abroad holidaysHolidays. There are plenty of sports volunteering opportunities available abroad for the ideal, active gap year. Sports coaching is also a great way to contribute to communities and show your caring side.

Become a sports coach in South Africa, help out on the sports field as a school gap assistant in Australia, become a sports coach in Ghana or teach sports in Malawi as you share your sports skills with kids around the world. Inspire kids everywhere with your sports coaching and see the world at the same time! Check out our trips below, or read more about Sports Coaching Abroad.

Be an inspirational sports coach in South Africa and get involved with aspiring athletes abroad. Experience the exciting sights of South Africa and test your physical limits on a sports sensation.

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Sports volunteering is a fantastic way to gain experience and learn new skills to support your academic learning.

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The programme works in support from Sport England and British Universities Colleges Sport BUCS, together we are committed to providing volunteers with as many opportunities to develop and to gain as many qualifications as possible.

You don’t have to be sporty to undertake any volunteering, as opportunities are available across a whole variety of skills and areas. All volunteers will receive a certificate to the level that they have volunteered at, as well as free kit. Come coach sports and volunteer abroad in Jamaica for whatever game you enjoy, and if you have a passion for developing sports in schools, you can help coach children and teams.

Our sports volunteer coaching abroad programs places volunteers in a schools where they will have opportunities to work with one sport or a combination of several.

Schools in Jamaica focus on football for boys and netball for girls in the fall semester. In the Easter semester, it is all about track field for all students. For the remainder of the school year, it will be a combination o.

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Volunteer in Uganda in our football coaching volunteer project. Since sports have the powerful ability to draw people together, even beyond international borders, they help to build strong communities. After all, sports greatly contributes to the creation of healthier, happier individuals.

Sports also can offer a route out of poverty and a path of excitement and promise to many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Sports Activities are a Great Opportunity for the Children to Come Together and Grow Personally.

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However, for children in deprived communities, opportunities to participate i. Volunteer Abroad Sports Coach A Broader View US non-profit, your volunteer program is tax deductible.

Customized programs flexible start dates. In this program you will participate in football practice sessions including coaches and referees coaching, the evaluation and monitoring of players, players and coaches database development, football tournaments organization. Volunteer in Tanzania, Arusha Sports Coaching.

Other items

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The Sports Coaching project helps to highlight the importance getting fit and having fun at the same time! Share your love of sport by leading coaching sessions and help to improve fitness levels and concentration as well as increasing the children’s confidence. Volunteers inspire a passion to learn and have increased community-wide participation in sports in the area.

You will work with the team promoting improved health care and education and live in the heart of the community. Experience local Ghanaian life while supporting development.

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The majority of sports coaches in the UK are volunteers and less than a quarter of coaches receive payment for their coaching, while 70 are qualified UK Coaching. Coaches work in different environments, from gyms to playing fields and sometimes in adverse weather conditions.

Women are currently underrepresented as coaches, making up just 30 of the workforce. However, initiatives such as Women in Sport exist to help increase the number of women taking part in sport, including coaching. Absence from home overnight and travel throughout the UK and abroad may be necessary, depending on the sport and the level at which you're involved.

Raise the profile of mental health in sport. Gain an insight into the relationship between physical activity and mental health.

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We offer sports coaching projects in Swaziland, Zambia, Bolivia and South Africa. We also take volunteers to work on a sports camp in Jaipur, India which helps young, disadvantaged children to have something fun to focus on and excel at. Not only do volunteers get to spend their days doing what they’re passionate about, but they get to explore fantastic locations in their spare time. Please be careful when looking for jobs abroad on the internet.

We advise you to research any employer before accepting a job offer. For more information see our Warnings, Safety and Spotting Scams page.

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Sports Coaching Volunteering Opportunities Abroad. Published 2505 Do like sports? If so, perhaps a sports coaching project abroad could be the perfect adventure you’ve always been looking for. Sports coaching is incredibly rewarding and doing it abroad also allows you to experience a new culture at the same time. It creates sporting memories that last a lifetime. With so many sports coaching opportunities out there, finding the perfect one can be a daunting task. Not to worry though we’ve put this guide together to help you understand all the possibilities of sports coaching abroad and how you can get started on your very own sports adventure.

The first thing to decide is what country you’d like to coach sport in.

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Volunteer Basketball Coach jobs available on linfographik.com Apply to Basketball Coach, Volunteer Coach, Head Coach and more! Coach, manage, referee or assist with basketball program. A Coach is responsible for Coach hours are from ampm Monday Friday. 30+ days agoSave jobmore View all ESF Camps jobs in Wilmington, DE - Wilmington jobs. Learn more about working at ESF Camps. See popular questions answers about ESF Camps.

Related forums Wilmington, Delaware - ESF Camps.

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Our Coach and Volunteer Academy CVA provides our See more of Loughborough Sport Coach Volunteer Academy on Facebook. See more of Loughborough Sport Coach Volunteer Academy on Facebook.

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Discover amazing cultural and sporting volunteer opportunities abroad working with those less fortunate. Love Volunteers Sports, Arts and Music projects enable international volunteers with an interest in these areas to share their passion and help improve the lives of those less fortune. Whether it be teaching a sport, working with the creative or performance arts, or taking music lessons, we have a project that will not only suit your interests, but will provide you with an opportunity to make a real and lasting contribution.

It involves coaching young people at a primary school level. Volunteers can assist in coaching sports and teaching Learn More.

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The second advantage of volunteering abroad with us is that we offer an award-winning level of safety and support to all our volunteers. Choosing a reputable volunteering organisation like GVI helps you to avoid any possible cons of volunteering abroad.

Playing sports during the primary years encourages students not only to follow an active lifestyle throughout their lives but also teaches valuable social skills that will assist them in their future careers. You can help to support these valuable skills that will last a lifetime by volunteering with GVI as a sports teacher in South Africa and India. Sports you might teach include everything from soccer to American football.

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Work of a volunteer abroad Volunteer Abroad is suitable for people who are not indifferent to the global problems of mankind low literacy in Africa and Volunteers abroad - a good opportunity to travel from anywhere in the world for linfographik.com volunteer programs will help you with this.

Volunteers abroad - a good opportunity to travel from anywhere in the world for linfographik.com volunteer programs will help you with this. Volunteer Abroad is suitable for people who are not indifferent to the global problems of mankind low literacy in Africa and Asia, poor ecology, extinction of wild animals. Although, no one forces participants to engage in heavy physical labor, certain duties will have to be performed regularly.

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Ecoteer has a different approach to volunteering abroad. Rather than charging expensive handling fees, Ecoteer puts volunteers directly in touch with grassroots organisations abroad from Argentina to Zambia.

For an annual membership fee of 15 prospective travellers have access to those most in need of support. In many cases, accommodation and food will be provided, leaving members to sort out only their own travel. There are community development projects in Cape Town teaching, sports coaching, HIVAIDS awareness, environmental awareness, care work and performing arts as well as heart-pumping projects such as surfing, scuba diving and ocean adventure. In addition, Gap Year South Africa offers bespoke internships across a range of industries.

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Choose from + FREE Volunteering Opportunities Abroad in + countries. Give a few hours honest help in exchange for a free stay Go linfographik.com Volunteer in Tasmania with Room and Board. Our project is a 70 acre farm set amongst crown land and mixed forestry of Buckland, Tasmania.

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The purpose of the sports coaching volunteer abroad is to encourage and support coaches and volunteers and provide them the opportunity and facilities to improve their skills. Volunteers and coaches in fact play a vital role in developing sports.

They are the people who nurture the love for sports in children and promote sports in the society. There will be no sports without the help of coaches and volunteers. Volunteers through the sports and coaching voluntary programs, the organizers facilitate growth of community sports. Sports coaching volunteer abroad to coach Judo, Kickboxing, Karate, T.

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Childcare volunteer abroad projects. Want to share your time, energy and enthusiasm with children across the world? This may include activities such as learning and recognising the alphabet, understanding phonics and the coaching of basic greetings. Combined, these tasks help to familiarise the children with this foreign language. Furthermore, it advances their learning ability for other subjects in the future.

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Volunteer Abroad, Intern Travel with VolunteerMatch Ghana. Highly affordable, safe and reliable international volunteer programs, internships and summer programs. You can get involved in sports volunteering with VolunteerMatch Ghana. We offer projects coaching sports. Join Our Human Rights Internship Program. International Law Human Rights internships with VolunteerMatch Ghana will give you the opportunity to work Read More.

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United Planet offers teen volunteer abroad opportunities for age 15 and up, immersing you in local culture as you do your part to create a global community. Volunteers ages 17 and up can coach at-risk youth players in a variety of sports in South Africa or work at a number of social projects, with activities ranging from teaching, to organizing arts and crafts workshops, to caring for children in local orphanages. On this Quest, you’ll live in and explore the city of Port Elizabeth and have the opportunity to visit the Kragga Kama Game Reserve and more.

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The first step to volunteer abroad with the UN is to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements see below. If this is the case, register your profile in our Global Talent Pool. Profiles from the Talent Pool are then matched with assignments offered by UN partner agencies.

Approximately 2, assignments become available per year. Most assignments are filled through the Global Talent Pool without being advertised. Only special calls for assignments in highly specialized areas or in high demand are advertised via this website scroll down the page.

How to register in our Global Talen.

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Search and apply for the latest volunteer coach jobs. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Free, fast and easy way find a job of + current vacancies in Australia and abroad.

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Join a wide range of Sports Volunteering and football coaching volunteer projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia - best rated volunteer programs. The Sports volunteer program offers you the possibility to train, compete, or just play around with unprivileged children enjoying one of the World’s favorite entertainments of all times.

Teach football, hockey, running and more to the children in Kenya.

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From volunteering with lions, to teaching, there is so much you could do with your gap year abroad. Junior summer centres offering excursions, sports and social activities, including Tottenham Hotspur Football Coaching Course and a choice of either homestay or residential accommodation.

Tailor-made budget school group tours and programmes throughout the UK, Europe and China, including optional 23 star hotel accommodation, youth hostels and homestays, plus a range of support services.

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SportsOutdoor ActivitiesCoaching. Are you passionate about a sport? We may not always have the weather but that doesn’t hold back thouands of volunteers from volunteering across Ireland throughout the year.

There are lots of fantastic opportunities to volunteer and supervise andor coach participants in a host of sportingoutdoor activities. Activities often include coaching, cailitating, and enjoying everything from abseiling to athletics.

Find a complete list of volunteering role in sports outdoor activities in your area on I-VOL.